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Social Responsibility

We live our values, and corporate responsibility is one of them.

Stackpole International insists on integrity in all that we do. As an employer, a manufacturer and a corporate citizen, our goal is to improve the lives and experiences of our people, their communities and the environment. We support and respect human rights, and that begins by ensuring safe working conditions for our people, providing an inclusive culture, fostering open communication and supporting opportunities for personal and professional growth. We also support the economic and social needs of our communities, and continually examine and improve our stewardship of the environment.

Being an active, trusted and responsible community member—it’s just good business.

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Respecting each other means ensuring we reduce accidental risk to our people and minimize our impact on the environment wherever we operate. Our EHS strategy is so important to us that we’ve integrated it as a key corporate performance indicator— a main factor we use to measure our success.

Meeting the needs of people with disabilities.

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Respect also means operating in a way that enables all people to maintain their dignity and independence. We fully support the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, striving to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility and participation.

Stackpole International complies with all federal and provincial regulations for protection of the environment.

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