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Driven to understand and overcome customer challenges.

We know that our customers’ needs will evolve and that our advances in powder metal technology and fluid power solutions will continue to support that evolution. For more than a century, we have been a proactive partner, developing the tools, technologies and expertise to enable continuous growth and innovation.

Whatever the future holds, Stackpole International will be a place where some of the best minds from around the world gather to collaborate and share ideas for custom, creative and cost-effective solutions.

Our deep understanding of powder metallurgy, advanced technologies and operational excellence enables us to redefine what is possible.

If you need to optimize mass, reduce NVH, increase power density or to achieve other program goals, you can count on Stackpole International.

A leading-edge intellectual property and innovation partner

A leading-edge intellectual property and innovation partner, delivering practical power systems solutions.


Research & Development

We maintain cross-functional technical teams dedicated to advancing technology and innovation within our products, processes and markets. Stackpole International combines state-of-the-art design and analysis tools with comprehensive in-house testing capabilities to deliver product and process solutions.

Power System Solutions

Whether a singular component or complex system, Stackpole International develops innovative, cost-effective, quality power system solutions that custom fit your needs. Our fluid power solutions and powder metal technologies are known globally for market-leading quality, robustness, efficiency and performance.

Advanced Engineering

From concept and prototype to testing and production, our Advanced Engineering Group collaborates with your team, applying the best technologies, practices, processes and know-how. Together, we maximize performance, efficiency and reliability for the products of today and tomorrow.

Product & Process Engineering

As products transition from prototypes to the production floor, the Stackpole International Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process is a rigorous methodology to ensure success. Following it, we have developed a strong reputation for launches that meet timing, cost, quality and warranty targets.

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